Beaux Jaxson Mailbag: Week 6

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October 20, 2017
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October 20, 2017

Beaux Jaxson Mailbag: Week 6

Our good friend @BeauxJaxson is no longer on Twitter, but he is there with us in spirit. I have conned him into writing a weekly mailbag for Setting the Edge on Fridays. To get your questions in tag #BeauxMailbag on Twitter or reply to our weekly tweet for requests.

hi, i’m beaux. i’m gonna try to do a mailbag once a week! 


the only one that immediately comes to mind is christian mccaffrey being a platypus. sure, it’s classified as a mammal, but we all know it really wants to be a bird. 

living your life for the betterment of someone else’s is exhilarating and i highly recommend it.


i had every form of bodily fluid imaginable projected at me within the first week. 


the top four currently are new england (+450), pittsburgh (+800), kansas city (+850), and philadelphia (+850). philadelphia i guess looks like the best team now, right? they were pretty bad against the chiefs, who looked like the best team in football and have now dropped two in a row! the transitive property won’t work at all this year. 

i guess i kinda like the saints as a frisky team in the nfc. if hundley can hold down the fort until/if rodgers comes back, green bay could do some damage. they’re honestly better as a wildcard team anyways – where they can hopefully draw a bunch of dome teams in the playoffs. i do not feel like lambeau in january is a homefield advantage for a mostly finesse team. 

i don’t know how you can take new england seriously. they are #onpace to give up 5200 passing yards and 1600 rushing yards this year. that’s actually bad. they remind me of the 2010 colts – peyton’s final year there where he dragged them kicking and screaming to a 10-6 record and a first round loss to the jets. they went 1-15 the next year without him. 

the jaguars doing nothing at quarterback is so infuriating because of how bad everyone is. this season’s lineup of teams is like the 2016 republican primary – everyone is awful but someone has to win. the jaguars could have been trump. they’re actually marco rubio. 


as a native californian, please let me go on record as saying that in-n-out’s fries are bullshit and terrible.

buffalo wild wings fry theirs in beef tallow. very underrated. i’m too young to remember mcdonald’s original beef tallow fries (before they switched to vegetable oils), and this is probably the closest thing you can get at a major chain place. i think they actually got sued for not disclosing that they use beef tallow for vegetarians so this info may or may not be outdated!

dodger stadium has some fire garlic fries too but they’re like $8. there’s a little fish and chips stand in venice called the wee chippy that has all the 15 different artisanal salts and condiments for foodies lose their shit over. it’s p good.