Chuck’s Two Cents: The Most Official Mailbag on the Web

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October 4, 2017
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Chuck’s Two Cents: The Most Official Mailbag on the Web

Howdy, folks!

I thought it’d be a cool idea to do a little mailbag every four weeks during the course of the season. By my intense calculations, we’ve arrived at Week 5, looks like it’s time for the first mailbag.

#Fellas, ya girl asks you to watch Jets games wyd?? Sorry, I don’t have answer for this. If the Jets win on Sunday and start the season 3-2, I might come back to this.


To quote the infamous Michael Scott, “Jim [read: Colin], you’re 6’11” and you weight 90 pounds, Gumby has a better body than you. Hit the gym and perhaps she’ll comeback Mr. BonyRomo.

Just looking at where we are in the standings right now, the best bets have to be the NFC West and the NFC South. Carolina may be a bit rough around the edges, but their defense is still playing well and it’s hard to count out Cam Newton at any point.

In my (un)biased opinion, the Falcons are still in the driver’s seat for the NFC South. The defense is playing much better than last year and you have to think the offense will get their shit figured out at some point. It’s not a talent problem, they just don’t have an identity on offense right now.

Sean McBae has the Rams’ offense humming right now. I think they have to be the favorites to win the NFC West right now. Seattle obviously controls their own destiny, but losing to the Rams this Sunday (putting them at 2-3) would put them in quite the hole to dig out of.

If I had to put money on an NFC division with two playoff teams it’d be the NFC South. If the Bucs can beat the Patriots tonight, they’re firmly in the discussion as well.

Sorry, can’t read questions from people who didn’t have Deshaun Watson as QB1. When Kizer reachers a passer rating above 51.0, you may ask this again.

This is a good question, but let’s be clear: I ain’t dropping a dime for that Twitter remix. It was fire, but it’s 2017. Who buys individual songs anymore?

John Elway may have a shaky offensive draft history, but he nails free agent acquisitions and defensive draft picks. Domata Peko, Derek Wolfe, Shelby Harris, and Adam Gotsis have all played a huge role in their run defense’s return to dominance.

For what it’s worth, here are Denver’s leaders in tackles for loss:











Anything involving Deshaun Watson or the Falcons’ dreaded Super Bowl hangover. I don’t think the Falcons have a Super Bowl hangover, their offensive playcalling is just embarrassing right now. It’s wildly different from week to week.

See y’all in a month!