Contextualizing the Run: Offensive Run-Game Win Value – Week 9

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November 11, 2017
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Contextualizing the Run: Offensive Run-Game Win Value – Week 9

OrW tracks both teams and players and evaluates one thing—the frequency with which the subject can win the play by running the ball. How do we define this? An offensive run-game win is any run play (excluding kneel-downs) that keeps an offense on track to pick up a first down, or a touchdown if it’s a goal to go situation.

This stat, on a team level, will show who has the most efficient and reliable running games. On a player level, while it shouldn’t be viewed as a be-all end-all stat to evaluate running backs, combining it with a stat like Justis’ that tracks what RB’s do past the line of scrimmage, or Ryan Jackson’s ANRY/A that adjusts running backs yardage for efficiency, it can paint a pretty good picture.

Over the season, I will be posting the weekly results here on, and every four weeks I will be giving a big-picture, season long look at how teams and players are faring. With all the introductory stuff out of the way, let’s take a look at Week Nine.


Weird week. After writing last week about how the Bills and Lions emerged from their status as bottom 5 run games, they find themselves as bottom-feeders once again, while the worst two run games who actually played week 9 found themselves in the top 4 for the week. Outside of this, it was a really boring week. The Cowboys are still good, the Packers run game is still efficient, and the Rams had an off week. I don’t really have a lot to say about this week, it was really not a good one. Let’s just get into the players.

Peyton Barber? Look at this list and that’s the only thing that really stands out. Sure, Orleans Darkwa was behind the Giants strong week, and Christian McCaffrey had one of the better games of his young career, but Peyton Barber?? Doug Martin has been bad this year, but Peyton Barber??? I don’t know, man. Week 9 sucked.

That’s it for this week. Week 10 will be up next week, only on