Inside the Helmet: Watching Tape with Michael Rose-Ivey

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July 12, 2017
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Inside the Helmet: Watching Tape with Michael Rose-Ivey

Former Nebraska linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey joined Charles McDonald in a film session breaking down some of his plays in college. Rose-Ivey did a fantastic job going in-depth with his responsibilities on each play and how each player has a symbiotic relationship with their teammate.

Prior to working through the tape, Rose-Ivey touched on his football experience at Nebraska; both on the field and off the field. He discussed dealing with his anthem protests, racial backlash he and his family received, and how Nebraska’s football program helped him mature into a man.

Here’s the link to the interview and breakdown:

The entire video is 54 minutes long, so here are links to jump directly to each of the 11 plays that Rose-Ivey broke down.

  1. Gap Exchange on the Fly: 7:01
  2. Tackle for Loss versus Wyoming: 13:37
  3. Cover 4 Explanation: 19:11
  4. Attacking Illinois’ Split Zone: 25:04
  5. Run Fits within Man Blitz Schemes: 28:58
  6. Cross Dog Blitz: 32:06
  7. Playing Counter Trey: 34:06
  8. Sweep Philosophy and Spacing on Pulls: 38:20
  9. Being “Right” in the Wrong Gap: 41:01
  10. Cross Dog vs Iso and Defensive Line Spacing: 44:59
  11. A Robbed Opportunity: 47:24