Inside the Helmet: Watching Tape with Michael Rose-Ivey

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July 12, 2017
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Inside the Helmet: Watching Tape with Michael Rose-Ivey

Former Nebraska linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey joined Charles McDonald in a film session breaking down some of his plays in college. Rose-Ivey did a fantastic job going in-depth with his responsibilities on each play and how each player has a symbiotic relationship with their teammate.

Prior to working through the tape, Rose-Ivey touched on his football experience at Nebraska; both on the field and off the field. He discussed dealing with his anthem protests, racial backlash he and his family received, and how Nebraska’s football program¬†helped him mature into a man.

Here’s the link to the¬†interview and breakdown:

The entire video is 54 minutes long, so here are links to jump directly to each of the 11 plays that Rose-Ivey broke down.

  1. Gap Exchange on the Fly: 7:01
  2. Tackle for Loss versus Wyoming: 13:37
  3. Cover 4 Explanation: 19:11
  4. Attacking Illinois’ Split Zone: 25:04
  5. Run Fits within Man Blitz Schemes: 28:58
  6. Cross Dog Blitz: 32:06
  7. Playing Counter Trey: 34:06
  8. Sweep Philosophy and Spacing on Pulls: 38:20
  9. Being “Right” in the Wrong Gap: 41:01
  10. Cross Dog vs Iso and Defensive Line Spacing: 44:59
  11. A Robbed Opportunity: 47:24