Setting the Edge: Episode 42, Setting the Hedge Week 1

Setting the Edge: Episode 41, Week 1 College Football and Answering Your NFL Questions
September 6, 2017
The Update: The Explanatory
September 7, 2017

Setting the Edge: Episode 42, Setting the Hedge Week 1

This week’s episode (We promise to get Charles’ audio working next week. His microphone is shy and doesn’t want to speak up.

Our Picks

Thursday Night Football

Kansas City @ New England: Justis-Kansas City +9, Charles-New England -8

Early Slate

New York Jets @ Buffalo: Justis-Over 40, Charles-Under 40

Jacksonville @ Houston: Justis-Jacksonville +6, Charles-Bortles benched

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland: Justis-Cleveland +10, Charles-Cleveland +10

Arizona @ Detroit: Justis-Arizona PK, Charles-Arizona PK

Atlanta @ Chicago: Justis-STAY AWAY, Charles-STAY AWAY

Oakland @ Tennessee: Justis-Oakland +2, Charles-Tennessee -1

Baltimore @ Cincinnati: Justis-Baltimore +3, Charles-Baltimore +3

Philadelphia @ Washington: Justis-Washington +1, Charles-Philadelphia PK

Afternoon Slate

Indianapolis @ Los Angeles Rams: Justis-Indianapolis +3.5, Charles-Los Angeles Rams -3

Carolina @ San Francisco: Justis-Under 48, Charles-San Francisco +6.5

Seattle @ Green Bay: Justis-Seattle +3.5, Charles-Seattle +3.5

Sunday Night Football

New York Giants @ Dallas: Justis-Dallas -3, Charles-Dallas -3

Monday Night Football

New Orleans @ Minnesota: Justis-New Orleans +3.5, Charles-New Orleans +3.5

Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver: Justis-Over 43.5, Charles-Los Angeles Chargers +3.5


Tampa Bay @ Miami: Postponed

Edge Hermanos Picks (Agreement): Cleveland +10, Dallas -3, Arizona PK, Seattle +3.5, New Orleans +3.5 and Baltimore +3

House Divided Picks (Conflicting): PHI/WAS, OAK/TEN, KC/NE, NYJ/BUF and IND/LAR


Justis overall record: 0-0

Charles overall record: 0-0

Edge Hermanos Picks: 0-0

House Divided Picks: 0-0

All point spreads and totals found via Odds Shark at the time of recording. Follow Setting the Edge on Twitter. Subscribe to the Setting the Edge newsletter. Subscribe to the Setting the Edge podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud.