The Update: Penetration Values (Week 14)

The Update: Week 14
December 11, 2017
Week 14 QB Spotlight: Philip Rivers and the Scorching Chargers Offense
December 13, 2017

The Update: Penetration Values (Week 14)

The Update is a series of adjusted statistics used to measure the efficiency of NFL teams relative to the average team. Positive numbers will always mean a good thing for a given team, offensively or defensively, while negative numbers will always mean a bad thing for a given team, offensively or defensively.

Everything is set to the baseline of whatever the NFL average is at the time. That means that if the NFL throws five interceptions every 100 throws, but Team X only throws two interceptions on 200 passes, Team X is eight interceptions above expectation (+8.00.)

Below are the terms that you’re going to need to know.

Sack % Value-How many sacks above/below average an offense/defense is relative to the NFL average, based on sack percentage.

TFL % Value-How many tackles at the line of scrimmage and behind the line of scrimmage above/below average a run offense/defense is relative to the NFL average, based on tackle for loss percentage. We include 0-yard runs in with the tackle for loss data.

Penetration Value– Sack % Value plus TFL % Value.


TeamSack % ValueRTFL% ValueRPenetration % ValueR
Arizona Cardinals-9.5229-0.2118-9.7325
Atlanta Falcons11.194-0.431910.766
Baltimore Ravens6.0792.95139.038
Buffalo Bills-7.9727-14.0728-22.0429
Carolina Panthers-1.48177.1495.6512
Chicago Bears-5.222-15.0429-20.2427
Cincinnati Bengals-5.13211.416-3.7320
Cleveland Browns-7.812510.3962.5715
Dallas Cowboys2.681522.14224.823
Denver Broncos-7.81268.3680.5519
Detroit Lions-5.8123-24.632-30.4132
Green Bay Packers-11.373111.9950.6218
Houston Texans-8.98281.1517-7.8323
Indianapolis Colts-21.8332-0.4520-22.2830
Jacksonville Jaguars8.13713.11421.244
Kansas City Chiefs-2.47194.19111.7216
Los Angeles Chargers16.441-11.82264.6113
Los Angeles Rams6.788-5.44241.3417
Miami Dolphins2.8113-23.9831-21.1728
Minnesota Vikings10.336-3.67226.679
New England Patriots3.33128.37711.75
New Orleans Saints12.75324.56137.311
New York Giants3.86106.21010.067
New York Jets-10.0930-15.2330-25.3331
Oakland Raiders10.375-3.99236.3811
Philadelphia Eagles1.37163.13124.514
Pittsburgh Steelers14.83214.77329.62
San Francisco 49ers-420-11.0125-15.0126
Seattle Seahawks2.7314-12.2327-9.524
Tampa Bay Buccaneers3.83112.59146.4210
Tennessee Titans-1.9418-2.2321-4.1722
Washington Redskins-6.08241.9815-4.1121


TeamSack % ValueRTFL% ValueRPenetration % ValueR
Arizona Cardinals-0.89191.43140.5414
Atlanta Falcons2.6310-9.5827-6.9522
Baltimore Ravens4.9764.8489.818
Buffalo Bills-10.11312.2612-7.8524
Carolina Panthers6.8438.39715.235
Chicago Bears4.848-12.9630-8.1225
Cincinnati Bengals6.024-9.1326-3.1118
Cleveland Browns-0.861826.85125.991
Dallas Cowboys1.2814-3.1822-1.916
Denver Broncos0.661717.23317.893
Detroit Lions-320-10.9628-13.9729
Green Bay Packers-3.35213.2510-0.1115
Houston Texans0.84169.63610.477
Indianapolis Colts-6.4830-2.3421-8.8327
Jacksonville Jaguars14.9310.421515.354
Kansas City Chiefs-5.5925-1.9520-7.5423
Los Angeles Chargers5.2854.2399.519
Los Angeles Rams4.937-7.5725-2.6417
Miami Dolphins-5.862811.2255.3611
Minnesota Vikings2.3111-6.824-4.4920
New England Patriots-4.4823-21.0132-25.4832
New Orleans Saints4.749-0.78173.9612
New York Giants-6.3329-0.5416-6.8721
New York Jets-42212.2548.2410
Oakland Raiders-5.6427-11.9729-17.6130
Philadelphia Eagles1.161519.37220.532
Pittsburgh Steelers13.042-0.991912.046
San Francisco 49ers-5.61262.4711-3.1419
Seattle Seahawks1.713-0.97180.7313
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-11.72321.6313-10.0928
Tennessee Titans-4.4824-3.9823-8.4626
Washington Redskins2.2612-20.7631-18.531