Youtube Scouting the Senior Bowl: New Mexico State WR Jaleel Scott

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January 18, 2018
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Youtube Scouting the Senior Bowl: New Mexico State WR Jaleel Scott

  1. By David Kang

Note: The format of these things are going to be more scouting reporty rather than articley mostly because I’m lazy. All HWS numbers are from nfldraftscout.

Jaleel Scott – NMST – 6046 – 215 – ~4.52 – 1st/2nd Round

Summary: Tower of a wide receiver with long arms to go along with his 6’5 frame. Good athlete for his size, but he’s not a burner. Build up speed guy that takes some time to accelerate. Does not have much short area twitch but has decent deceleration abilities. Raw route runner. Not going to create a whole lot of separation before the ball’s in the air. Does not sell his routes all that well but flashes some quickness at the top of his routes. Adept at creating separation before catch point with subtle arm bars and pushoffs. Good at getting open out of structure, coming back towards the football, and moving to help out his quarterback. Elite body control and ball skills. Immediate RZ threat and excels at high pointing the football/making difficult catches. Would like to see him be a little bit more aggressive going up at catch point. Solid hands catcher but tends to alligator arm things in traffic when he knows he might get hit. Not the greatest YAC guy. Knows how to move in space but is not going to make a defender miss.

Probably has one of the best body control and ball skills I’ve seen from a WR in a long time

This is simply getting a rebound for Scott. His size and strength pretty much swallows up the smaller CB, which renders him incapable of getting good position on the ball. Scott does a good job of adjusting late until the last possible moment and then high pointing the football. Look at just how effortless he is as well.

Scott can probably do a better job selling the vertical and sinking his weight more, but he has good explosion out of the break. Look how effortless he adjusts to the poorly thrown football and how he just snatches it. Great hands technique with good body positioning.

(Bottom of the screen). This is a simple vertical route again, where Scott shows that Antonio Brown creating separation at the catch point. Look at how he maintains that arm bar and hesitates just for a second before the ball lands that gives him just enough separation to catch the football. This is an extremely high level play.

Good quick and efficient release here with good hand fighting against the corner. He does not have a ton of speed but does an ok job of stacking at the top of the CB but just is not able to create separation. For Jaleel Scott, separation does not matter a whole ton. Look at the subtle Antonio Bryant-esque one handed shove with the ball in the air to create separation. Then the effortless catch and body control to make sure his feet are in the sideline.

Scott is the #2 on the Trips side here. Again, Scott can do a better job of selling the vertical here as he is a bit too upright than you would like, but something that you like here is how Scott drops his weight. He takes a bit of a false step while decelerating but looks how he sits down on the chair to completely stop and separate.

Here are some more absolutely outrageous highpoint plays

Another thing that Scott does well is coming back to the football. He has good awareness to know based on the defender’s positioning and timing of the play to know when to come back to the football.

How Scott will be able to separate and his route running will be the biggest question for him coming in to the NFL.

First he false steps coming off the LOS. Does a good job of getting shoulder pads in front of the toes for the first four steps of the route, but he reverts to an upright position. He also has no suddenness, bend, or explosion out of the cut, which is very concerning. But Scott is able to get the cushion that he does mainly due to his vertical and jump ball ability, which allows him ample space to separate. Though this worked for him on this play, I am not as certain it will against better athletes in the NFL and is something that Scott needs to improve.

This play makes me optimistic about his route running in the future.

He can again do a better job at selling the vertical but look at the hard cut at the top of his route. He plants his lead foot sharply and is able to cut and explode away from the defender. He has not done this all that consistently, but he shows that he is capable of doing so.

On this play, you can see what him running a vertical looks like:

It’s significantly more aggressive and faster than what he has shown in his previous stems. Scott needs to learn how to replicate this in his non vertical routes to keep the DB honest in defending the deep pass.

Also note the subtle head fake at the top of his stem to sell an out-breaking route to the CB to beat him inside on the post.

Despite all the ridiculous high point catches that Scott makes, you still want him to be more aggressive in attacking the football while in the air.

Scott does a good job of getting inside position here using that subtle arm bar at the top of his stem to separate. The QB throws a good ball to him, and Scott is in the perfect position to rise up and pluck the football out of the air. However, he is just content to let it fall to him while covered by the defender, which allows the latter to make a play on the ball. He needs to be much more aggressive in attacking the football.

Overall, Scott is probably one of the most fun WRs to watch in the past couple years. His catch point ability is absolutely incomparable to anybody else’s. Any play where you throw it up to him has a good chance of being completed. With that said, there are still some other things in his game that needs to be worked on (mainly route running) in order for him to be a complete WR in the NFL. He might be able to play early as a red zone or deep threat specialist but probably needs some time to develop his game from 20 yards in. He’s a bit of a project, but someone I really hope develops fully as he will likely be one of the most entertaining players in the NFL if he succeeds.