Youtube Scouting the Senior Bowl: Stanford DT Harrison Phillips

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Youtube Scouting the Senior Bowl: Stanford DT Harrison Phillips

By David Kang

Note: The format of these things are going to be more scouting reporty rather than articley mostly because I’m lazy. All HWS numbers are from nfldraftscout.

Harrison Phillips – CAST – 6’3″ – 295 – 2nd Round

Summary: Very productive defensive lineman for Stanford. Good raw strength. Inconsistent hand placement and timing, but when he gets his hands right, he is an anchor. Gets great extension. Good FBI, locates and sheds well once engaged. Struggles with balance. Pad level is too high and if Phillips gets hit where he’s not expecting, he’s not able to center his weight and regain control. Often ends up being driven back or put on the ground. Can be improved on in the next level. Pass game, not a whole lot of production, partially due to playing mostly 2-gap. Does not consistently get enough leverage for bull rush nor does he have the overwhelming strength. Average to an above average athlete, and he flashes his short area quickness here and there with swims and rips. Does not always have a pass rush plan, which could be improved.

I personally have a bias for interior lineman who can really use their hands and extend well while 2-gapping, and Harrison Phillips fits that bill pretty well.

This is pretty much a textbook play. Great hand timing and placement off the snap into the breastplate of the shoulder pad. Extension and strength to hold the point of attack. Eyes up to locate the ball carrier. Shed the block and make a play on the running back.

Same type of play here. Good hand placement and timing. Uses his strength to control and maintain positioning vs OL. Find ball carrier while being engaged. Shed and make the tackle.

Hands. Extend. Locate. Shed. Tackle. Pretty textbook again.

On this run play, Phillips shows some quickness in his game as he uses a quick arm over move to bypass the OL similar to how Ejiofor did it above.

However, he mostly struggles whenever he doesn’t connect with his hands, and his body positioning is all over the place as he often gets washed out of the play.

Phillips misses with his hands here as the C tries to quickly move up to the second level and exposes Phillips’ chest. He does not attack with a good base or pad level, and he gets forklifted back a couple yards before falling to the ground.

Here, Phillips is wham blocked by the TE from the side while his shoulders are square to the LOS. He does not anticipate the block well and gets knocked off balance. He still has the awareness to locate the ballcarrier and make the play, but you want to see him be more balanced.

In pass rush, Phillips was adequate at the collegiate level. He has average to above average quickness and speed for his size, but that has not translated into great pass rush ability.

More often than not, his pass rush looks like this:

Rather generic straight rush onto the OL. Not much of a pass rush plan. No counters or overwhelming displays of speed or power.

He does however show good glimpses of potential here and there that makes you think he could improve on this in the next level.

Here is a good push pull move that helps Phillip elude the OL with a clear path to the QB before he got tackled to the ground.

Phillips flashes the short area quickness here with a quick arm over move to elude the center. However, the balance issues show up again as his body positioning is all over the place, and he gets knocked down rather easily by the RB.

Phillips also flashes a bull rush, but I don’t think he has quite the level of strength needed or consistency with pad level to be able to utilize it effectively in the next level. He needs to be able to string the bull rush with another move in order to create more pressure on the quarterback.

Overall, Phillips is still a work in progress because of his inconsistent pad level and balance. I want to see how he tests to make sure that the bend and balance in space (3-cone) is a technique level issue and not an athletic issue. He has a lot of raw power that manifests when he has good hand placement and body position but needs to be more consistent. Not going to be a dominant pass rusher in the pros, but he has just enough quickness to be at least a threat in 1 on 1 situations. Will need a year or two before becoming a contributor.